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Low awareness existed for our newly launched Traditional IRA account.
Increase Traditional IRA account creations by promoting the product in a helpful manner.
We needed to produce a mechanism to drive Traditional IRA account creations that required no math and little engineering build. After brainstorming various ideas, we decided a minimalist calculator could do the trick.
In my writing process, I focused on the idea that “saving a little now could become a lot.” I felt this theme not only conveyed a fact but was digestible and something a user could envision.
In this project, I felt particularly challenged in creating the header “How much $$ could you have in 30 years?” I realized the header, not the body copy, needed to prompt the user. I decided to ask a question to create a personal connection with the user. “30 years” was something buried in legalese that I brought to the forefront. 
Unfortunately, Twine shuttered before this experiment launched.

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