The Twine onboarding flow takes around 8 minutes. The lengthy engagement time promotes a substantial drop off.
Increase the onboarding completion rate by combining the “liquid net worth” and “non-liquid net worth” onboarding screens.
I worked with design to merge the information from the two screens. We decided to focus on liquid net worth and bring in non-liquid net worth as a way to estimate your total net worth. Turning the focus to only one variable took away an extra user input, simplified concepts, and took away unfamiliar jargon.

In the body copy, I wanted to provide a fun and relatable metaphor for liquid and non-liquid net worth. I chose “cash money in your bank” to reflect liquid net worth and “first edition Charizard Pokemon card” to reflect non-liquid assets. By using fun references, this rather intimidating step may seem more approachable.
Unfortunately, Twine shuttered before this experiment completed. Though not statistically significant, the initial results showed a lift in the onboarding completion rate.

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